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High frequency electric knife
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  • The knife is clean

    Cleaning the charred organizations and other attachments of sharp instrument such as electric generator fast and effectively. 1 dramatically reduces residual scorched organizations or foreign matter caused by incision, the bacterial inflammation. 2 can improve the efficiency of cut and blend, shorten the time of surgery.
    Safe and reliable
    No foreign matter split off the surface.
    The organization level SiO2, delicate and clean coating, no damage with equipment.
    With line barium backing, postoperative safety inspection.

    Make complicated devices easier cleanness.

    Applicable scope

    Mainly used for cleaning of operation of electric generator, also can be used in ophthalmology, dental, ENT, gynecology and obstetrics equipment cleaning.

    Tip cleaner is comprised of the basement layer of sponge, medical colloid polishing abrasive contains SIO2 and medical stickers. According to the special requirement, it can be an opaque X-ray of barium line in the backing.
    Can provide the following two types of specifications:



    Check asepsis packing,
    if no damaged, Open it,
    and take the cleaner out

    Put cleaner stick to the
    convenient place such as
    surgical towel or 
    operating coat etc

    Put such instruments as
     the electric pencil, forceps,
    laparoscope electrode
    wipe gently on the cleaner.

    Throw away after use it.
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