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  • POWER-420BM Monopolar Electrosurgical Generator
  • Having adopted the automatic power adjustment technology, and follow the standard of 9706.1 and 9706.4.It is widely use to surgical operations such as general, cardiothoracic, urology, osteopathic surgeries, Argon beam coagulation surgeries and electrovaporization-ablation surgery.



    1¡¢Totally digital control, it is the type of closed loop amplitude adjustment electrosurgical generator.

    2¡¢Auto power adjustment technology: It can adjust power output automatically when the impedance changes during the operation in order to ensure the same cutting result.

    3¡¢Automatic adjust coagulation in the process of blending.

    4¡¢Low voltage output, suitable for pediatric, fine tissue and endoscopic surgery .When cutting, with small spark , less charring and fat liquefaction.

    5¡¢Close to thousands-volt spray coagulation, suitable for spray coag. and Argon beam coagulation; General Coag. Mode apply to all types of coagulation.

    6¡¢Adopt the contact quality monitoring system.


    Main technical parameter:
    Type of the apparatus: Model CF, Class ¢ñ, Anti-defibrillation common equipment.

    2. Working frequency: 512 KHz;

    3.Output power:


    GENERAL COAG.£º120W(500¦¸)

    SPRAY COAG.£º100W(1000¦¸)

    4.Working mode: interval loading and continuous operating, temporary loading rate: 10S/30S.

    5.Power supply: single-phase AC220V¡À22V, 50Hz¡À1Hz,max.current¡Ü3.2A

    6.Boundary dimension: 460¡Á380¡Á180

    7.Host machine net weight: 10kg; Machine gross weight: 19.5kg.

    8.Operation conditions: ambient temperature 5¡æ¡«40¡æ,humidity¡Ü80£¥RH.

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